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The strategic element in the functioning of WSTiE is the internationalization of its actions, which includes all-round cooperation with leading research centers, government agencies and associations in Europe and around the world. This activity improves the quality of the educational process, is used for the exchange of experience in conducting research and teaching and also helps promote the region and Poland in the international arena.

Most important partners:

European parliament

Owing to the cooperation between the authorities of the University College of Tourism and Ecology and academic staff from various European institutions, our students have the opportunity to benefit from apprenticeships and internships in the European Parliament. Improvement of language skills, learning the rules of the functioning of the Europarliament and gaining hands-on experience will undoubtably facilitate students’ further career and are complimentary to their learning process.

  • Study trips to the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, whose aim is to introduce students and WSTiE faculty to European Parliament’s activities. During the multi-day trips participants can take a close look at how EU institutions function, chat with MEP about details of the work and admire most famous tourist attractions of Belgium, France and Germany.
  • Internships for ambitious and talented students; learning about the work of the EP and european schemes of action, working in an international team and – therefore – gaining an experience which will be an advantage in future professional career.
  • Tour Guide Trainings; Study visits are preceded by substantive preparations concerning such matters as: routes and sites to be visited, accommodation and food. They are associated with tour guide courses taken by students and are an additional opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge in practice. These include: comprehensive preparation of departure and its smooth conduct, supervising the trip along the entire route and providing guided tours for other participants of the journey.

US Consulate in Krakow

Cooperation in terms of organizing monographic lectures, exhibitions and special events which would dissiminate the knowledge about most famous tourist attractions of the United States.

  • Visit of Susan Parker-Burns, the former Consul of The United States to WSTiE with her lecture on Earth Day. Documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth” presented data and predictions regarding climate change on Earth. A press conference
  • Lecture about “Obtaining public support for protected areas through cooperation with the local community “; a lecture was given at the headquarters of WSTiE by Kyle Patterson – head of the Office of Public Affairs of the National Park, Rocky Mountains. The seminar was attended by representatives of the US Consulate in Krakow: Benjamin Ousley – Press and Culture Consul and Iwona Sadecka advisor to Press and Culture Consul.
  • A visit of Ellen Germain, the consul of the United States to WSTI; opening of the exhibition “Grand Canyon of Colorado seen through the eyes of Polish kayakers” was followed by a meeting with the academic community of WSTiE.

Rocky Mountains National Park, United States

Representatives of Rocky Mountains National Park declared the long-term cooperation with the University College of Tourism and Ecology. Vaughn Baker – Director of the Rocky Mountains National Park made invitation and a promiss to provide professional internships in the Rocky Mountains National Park for WSTiE students.

  • Study visit of authorities and employees of Rocky Mountain National Park and lecture about “Obtaining public support for protected areas through cooperation with the local community “;
  • The meeting of the academic community of WSTiE with Kyle Patterson – head of the Office of Public Affairs in the Rocky Mountains National Park, Vaughn Baker – Director of the Rocky Mountains National Park and Ben Bobowski – Director of the Research and Conservation Department. American guests came to Sucha Beskidzka from one of the most beautiful areas of the United States. Rocky Mountain National Park, located in the north-western part of the Colorado State, was established in 1915. In the park there can be found 577 km trails, 150 lakes, and over 724 km of streams. More than 60 mountain tops located in the park are over 3 657 m (12 000 ft) high, which means that one-quarter of the park is situated above the tree-line. In 2010, the park was visited by 3 128 446 tourists. The lecture evoked great interest, especially the innovative promotional and marketing strategies implemented in the park, as well as its cooperation with the local community, which resulted in the sustainable development of the area.

Chinese Embassy in Poland and the Confucius Institute in Beijing

Scientific and cultural cooperation in terms of promoting Chinese language and culture, as well as spreading the knowledge about the Middle Kingdom; international, educational and cultural exchange projects; monographic lectures.

  • The study visit of the Director of the Faculty of Education of the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw; seminar at the headquarters of WSTiE was led by professor Liu Wansheng
  • Study visit of representatives of the authorities and WSTiE faculty at the Institute of Confucius in Beijing; meeting with Wang Luiang – the President of the University of Language and Culture, Chen Lixia – Director of the University of Language and Culture and Krzysztof Poźniakiem – Consul of Poland in Beijing.
  • Lecture at the headquarters of WSTiE about the education in China.

Embassy of Kazakhstan

WSTiE has been selected by the Embassy of Kazakhstan as a place where the exhibition promoting world cultural heritage, science and technology achievements EXPO 2017 will be presented. The country’s capital Astana will host the event.

  • Lecture “EXPO 2017 – Astana – Energy of the Future” given at the headquarters of WSTiE by Sergey Le – Consul of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Poland and the exhibition presenting landscapes, monuments and people of Kazakhstan.


Since 2006, WSTiE has been cooperating with the European University of Rural Development and is the only representative of this organization in the country. Widely known in the EU, APURE University brings together the 15 countries of the Community and Canada and spreads the principles of sustainable development of rural areas in Europe. It is a modern international non-governmental organization that enables the exchange of knowledge and experience, takes care of preserving the cultural diversity of our continent, improves access to employment, promotes economic activity of the citizens and promotes work of institutions supporting social integration in rural areas. APURE also works with the European Commission in terms of recommending actions to be implemented in rural areas of Europe, and – as an international association – has many achievements, among others: organizing outgoing sessions of the European University in Member States, supporting international projects and the creation of a network of institutions working for rural development, as well as promoting important ideas outside the European continent. APURE also participates in most important EU seminars and programs.

The most important international meetings under the auspices of APURE, with the participation of WSTiE:

  • “Traditions and values of rural regions as an inspiration for regional development of Europe”, an APURE conference in Sucha Beskidzka;
  • “Dialogue between eastern and western countries regarding the future of European countryside”, a conference of APURE in Hungary;
  • “Let’s stand firmly on the ground,” APURE conference on the Island of Reunion;
  • “The importance of activation of small towns and rural areas in the context of the future of a united Europe” conference of APURE in Poland;
  • Preparatory meeting preceding the next session of APURE in Portugal;
  • Official session of the European University of Rural Development APURE, co-organized by WSTiE, accompanied by 20th anniversary jubilee of the organization, Sucha Beskidzka.


WSTiE and the Association of Agrarian and Rural Youth Circles of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County actively cooperate in terms of acting in favor of rural development, not only in the native countries – Poland and Hungary – but also in the whole Europe. AGRARIA conducts training activities and – due to organizing national and international exchanges – shares good practices among young residents of rural areas. University College of Tourism and Ecology, in cooperation with this Hungarian non-governmental organization, effectively brought into force numerous joint projects, realized within the framework of European Union programs.


Rurality-Environment-Development, together with the University College of Tourism and Ecology, conduct joint activities aimed at raising awareness and boost rural development. Due to a network of members and partners from across Europe, R.E.D is a dynamically developing association. It deals with creating the European network for rural development and promotes joint approach towards development of specific areas: economic, social, cultural and environmental.

Polish Diaspora House in France

University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka cooperates with the Polish Diaspora House in France. Students travel abroad and participate in Days of Polish Diaspora in France. This opportunity allows them to stay closer to French culture, to meet their compatriots, as well as to test one’s ability to organize various projects.


WSTiE hosted a delegation of the Ministry of Tourism of Georgia, represented by Mariam Kvrivishili, the Deputy Minister and Koba Arabuli, an expert for the government. The aim of the visit was to develop tools of joint cooperation in the field of training professionals for tourism, to exchange good practices and transfer of know-how, both based on years of experience and reputation of our university as a leader among private touristic universities in Poland.

University College of Tourism and Ecology, in partnership with the Foundation for Economic Education from Warsaw, participated in the project ,,REGNET 2010 Regional Development Network – multiplicating Polish experience in terms of the development of regions of Georgia”. The project was co-financed within the framework of Polish foreign aid program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2010 and implemented in close cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. Activities stemming from the project helped to implement the official governmental Regional Development Strategy for Georgia in 2010. The success of a REGNET network, which became known as an association of competent specialists and activists operating in the field of local and regional development, created the foundation for initiation of new effective projects which continue to improve local, social and economic situation throughout the country. The essence of the next stage of development of the REGNET network was launching “Small Grants Program – PMG”. Its purpose was to mobilize local communities, as well as small and larger organizations operating locally or regionally and to convince them to work together with local administration.

WSTiE lecturers led interactive workshops for 120 members of the REGNET network in Tbilisi and courses for 240 trainers at all levels and with 8 different themes. Professionals trained during those programs are multipliers of good practices and provide substantive and organizational support to local communities, organizations and institutions which implement small development projects for the forthcoming Small Grants Program.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Cuba

WSTiE cooperates with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Cuba in terms of developing Polish-Cuban project, scientific seminars and lectures given both by workers of The Ministry of Tourism and WSTiE. The scientific program aiming at promoting tourism is implemented in cooperation with subordinate agencies of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Cuba.

Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Tourism

University College of Tourism and Ecology, by the resolution of the Chamber, has joined the circle of its members. Objectives of the organization include supporting the development of economic and trade relations between the Polish Republic and Ukraine. Chamber puts strong emphasis on the promotion of enterprises and entrepreneurs, as well as on protection of economic interests of members of the Chamber. Another important element of its activity is contributing to the development of tourism, as well as raising the level of services provided for tourists.

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