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Within the framework of scientific and research activity WSTiE publishes academic publications, which are an important contribution of the university to the nationwide development of thematic literature, mainly in the field of social sciences (economics, law, management, marketing, pedagogy), as well as interdisciplinary ones (tourism, recreation, ecology). The WSTiE publishing house has so far published many biographical items that are of great interest to the scientific community, students and practitioners. The presented publications constitute the scientific output of the WSTiE academic staff.

The University College of Tourism and Ecology publishes a journal „Academic Journals”. The periodical presents the directions and areas of research conducted at the university and provides a forum for discussion of the most important challenges of contemporary science. The pages of „Academic Journals” are open to both WSTiE research staff and external authors. The journal is edited in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and follows the highest quality and ethical standards.

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