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Do you want to complement the high quality of your studies in Poland with the experience of studying at a foreign university? Or maybe you want to do a summer internship in one of the European countries? If so – the ERASMUS+ program is an ideal choice.

What is Erasmus+?

It is a program that enables participation in international exchanges funded by the European Union. You can study at your desired foreign university for a semester or an entire academic year. WSTiE has been striving for internationalization of its activities for years, and therefore has one of the widest networks of partnerships. Higher education institutions in Italy, Spain, Germany, and France, among others, are waiting for you.

What do i gain by going abroad?

Studying abroad is not only an opportunity to see how education works in other European Union countries. It’s a unique opportunity to expand knowledge, gain a new perspective, and practice a foreign language. During their trips, students get to know a new culture and establish valuable connections, which can help them pursue professional projects in the future. Many of our students discover the charm of local architecture, nature, and cuisine during their trips, and use their experiences to write innovative theses or focus their careers.

How to organize the trip?

All students going for study and internship abroad can count on support from the University’s Erasmus+ Coordinator, the Rector’s Representative for Internships, and in case of emergencies, also from teaching staff delegated by the University. Each student is treated individually, according to their expectations and predispositions. They receive support during the preparation of documentation and organization of the entire trip – accommodation, transportation, etc. Also, during their stay on mobility, the student is under the constant care of the Coordinator/Practicum Supervisor – they always know that they can contact and receive support. The course of the study/placement is monitored by means of periodic reports from students who are on mobility, as well as contacts with supervisors from the host institutions.

What are the rules?

  • The selection of students and employees to participate in international projects is done in a fair, transparent, consistent and documented manner.
  • The university ensures equal access and opportunities for potential participants from all backgrounds, paying special attention to the inclusion of those with fewer opportunities.
  • WSTiE ensures full, automatic recognition of all ECTS credits (based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) earned for learning outcomes satisfactorily achieved during a period of study/training abroad, including during mixed mobility.
  • The Academic Careers Office ensures the quality of WSTiE’s mobility, and all incoming and outgoing students and lecturers interested in the Erasmus + Program will receive the necessary information on study abroad opportunities, university partners, recruitment periods, financial aspects, courses and accommodation.

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