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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 6 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

IT studies – direction: the future

Do you want to be a part of the world of modern technology? Are you interested in programming, robotics, automation, electronics, software engineering, web development, application design or computer graphics? Are you looking for an exciting, well-paid profession? If so – IT studies at WSTiE are the first step towards realization of these goals.

Why choose IT studies?

Because it is impossible to imagine the modern world without modern technologies. Every industry, even if indirectly related to the IT sector, cannot function without moving part of its activity to the net. This means that qualified IT specialists with experience in specific specializations are the most sought-after employees on the job market.

  • According to statistics, IT graduates working on BTB contracts earn PLN 20,000 per month (data from Q1 2020).
  • The rapid evolution of the IT sector provides ample opportunities for further development and promotion.
  • Programming, robotics, automation, software engineering and computer graphics are interesting and fully practical studies.
  • What’s more, you don’t have to wait to reap the benefits of what you learn – you can use the knowledge you gain immediately to implement your own projects.

What will studying IT give you?

Experts on the job market agree – if you dream of a secure, developing and well-paid job, start with a solid foundation. A degree in computer science is a comprehensive preparation for work in many sectors and specializations.

Programme and specialities

During your studies:

  • you will master numerous programming languages (C, Java, Python, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP),
  • you will learn to create, manage and administer service servers, as well as to use modern IT tools in the electronic, technical or automation industry,
  • under the guidance of experts-practitioners, you will learn how to develop, manage and administer applications in cloud environments, administer operating systems, IT networks and database systems.

The IT studies programme also includes classes on integrating databases with applications and learning to design secure applications and IT infrastructure. Since you can also work as a manager after studying IT, you will be equipped with a full package of necessary industry knowledge and soft skills. You will acquire technical knowledge, learn project and time management and develop your personal skills (including defining goals and making plans to achieve them).

When studying computer science, you can choose from specialisations:

IT Studies at WSTiE and their course

IT Studies are a comprehensive program designed to fully prepare you for your dream job. You will start your studies by gaining a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, while combining lectures with numerous practical workshops and exercises. After choosing your specialisation, you will fully focus on developing your key competences under the guidance of the best professionals in the industry. During your studies, you will gain marketable qualifications (Programming and operation of 3D printing, Website creation), confirmed by a certificate recognized and respected also by foreign employers.

While studying at WSTiE, you have the opportunity to cooperate with IT market leaders (e.g. Fideltronik company, Sabre Poland) and use the highest class software in computer electronics laboratories at partners’ premises. You will test your skills during internships and placements in leading companies at home and abroad, working on commercial and scientific projects. You can complete part of the programme at partner universities abroad, and while still a student gain additional certificates (Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco) that will increase your competitive edge.

What after studying computer science?

Remember that studying IT is a much broader perspective than just studying programming or a computer graphics course. After graduation, the whole fascinating world of IT awaits you, as well as an absorbing market, providing excellent earnings and opportunities for development. After completing your studies at WSTiE, you can work as:

  •  programmer (Java, Python, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP),
  • computer network administrator
  • programmer of microcontrollers and embedded systems,
  • computer electronics engineer,
  • production engineer, including computer systems, software and industrial
  • architect and database and data warehouse programmer,
  • software developer,
  • Web developer,
  • computer graphic designer,
  • front-end developer,
  • freelance software/application developer,
  • expert in international IT corporations,
  • designer of specialised computer systems and software,
  • testing specialist (e.g. software tester).

You will perfectly find yourself:

  • in companies involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, as well as those creating and managing database and Big Data systems,
  • agencies creating and managing websites,
  • in companies that maintain and manage IT infrastructures, in the electronics, automation and technical industries,
  • as well as in your own company/start-up.

Additional benefits for students of IT studies at WSTiE

IT studies at WSTiE were created by current market leaders – for future market leaders. The entire programme was therefore designed to guarantee an individual approach to each student and direct contact with the lecturers. This allows you to develop in your chosen specialization and focus on the key factors of your future success. We guarantee a flexible schedule, so you can easily combine your studies, work and passion. We also believe in equal opportunities, so you can count on convenient forms of financing your studies and receive free support in science subjects.

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