Internal security

Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 6 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Internal security – bachelor degree

Day by day, the number of new challenges and global threats that the citizen of every country is feeling. The need for security, which is a natural need of man, must therefore be actively supported also by the state services. Open boundaries and free movement of people make it necessary to have expert knowledge on prevention and combating threats in work, administration, law enforcement and every modern, conscious company.

Are you looking for a stable job, a certain profession, a guarantee of constant professional development? Have you always wanted to work in the police or other uniformed services?

Do you want to learn directly from the best professionals and specialists – practitioners from state uniformed formations?

Internal security at UCTE is the field of study for you!

Internal security – why is it worth?

  • You will gain knowledge of global problems (i.e. terrorism or cyberterrorism) and you will learn methods to combat them.
  • You will open your way to a career including in the police, fire brigade or border guards.
  • Work in the internal security sector will guarantee you a wide range of personal development opportunities.


Studying at ucte:

  • you will gain a wide range of skills useful in working in uniformed services and the broadly understood security sector;
  • you will participate in classes conducted by specialists – practitioners including from: Police Headquarters, Provincial and Poviat Police Headquarters, forensics laboratory;
  • you will gain comprehensive and comprehensive knowledge, necessary in many professional fields;
  • you will develop your career path under the supervision of an individual mentor;
  • you will build new professional networks;
  • you will get the skills to conduct negotiations;
  • knowledge about the manifestations of social pathologies, social security, including local communities.

Your career in the industry:

  • police,
  • border guards,
  • fire brigade,
  • inspection of road transport,
  • an employee of a detective agency,
  • employee of the property and people protection agency,
  • an employee of institutions dealing with the protection and archiving of personal data,
  • an employee of institutions in the area of ​​liquidation of threats resulting from technical failures, terrorist
  • activities and natural disasters.

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