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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 6 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Human Resources Management – bachelor degree

Among all company resources, people are the most valuable. The real skill and condition of success is the ability to attract valuable employees, to recruit them effectively, to motivate them and to invest wisely in their further development. How to manage such processes?

What does modern employer branding look like? How to combine HR knowledge with other areas of managerial responsibility?

Studying Human Resource Management at UCTE gives you the opportunity to find out the answers and to learn directly from experts-practitioners who are the elite of human resource managers.

Human Resources Management: studies – why is it worth it?

A first-cycle studies in human resource management are the ticket to a career in the human resources industry. All organisations (whether SME’s, large international corporations, public sector entities or NGO’s) recognise that competent, creative and motivated employees are key to success. Finding, attracting and retaining such employees is a challenge and professionals who can manage this area have become highly demanded experts in the job market. Studying Human Resource Management will allow you to increase your competitive advantage, become a springboard for promotion or change of industry and high salaries.

“Human Resource Management: studies” is a programme that UCTE has created with future leaders in mind and in collaboration with current leaders. During the classes you will learn everything that is most relevant to the real needs of the market:

  • you will learn how to conduct effective personnel policy, manage HR processes and build personnel management strategies
  • you will learn effective coaching methods and tools for their implementation in the organisation
  • you will learn how to attract candidates to work, introduce new employees (onboarding), as well as terminate employment
  • you will learn how to reward and appraise employees, as well as how to encourage their development

As the labour market changes dynamically, during your studies you will learn to be flexible and to forecast trends.

We will put modern software at your disposal and show you how to use the online sphere to conduct activities in the area of employer branding and recruitment.


Human Resource Management – the study programme

Studying Human Resource Management is an interdisciplinary programme, during which you will master knowledge from many areas: finance, human resources, law, marketing, administration, negotiations, psychology and sociology.

You will start by building a solid foundation of knowledge necessary to manage human resources processes:

  • you will learn how to manage human resources administration
  • you will learn how to create a friendly working environment in accordance with the law
  • you will learn about labour law regulations
  • you will master the basic IT systems to support personnel administration

Under the guidance of practitioners who are active specialists in the field of human resource management, you will also learn how this knowledge is applied in professional reality. During the classes, which have the form of workshops and solving real case studies:

  • you will learn how to conduct employee recruitment processes and plan career paths
  • you will learn how to prepare and implement employee trainings
  • test methods for evaluating the effectiveness of implemented HR tools
  • you will gain the ability to determine the training needs of your employees
  • you will learn how to prepare trainings and assess their usefulness

You will be able to verify the acquired knowledge and skills in practice during exercises, case studies and simulations as well as internships and placements. By graduating with a degree in Human Resource Management from UCTE, you will be fully prepared for active employment on the first day after graduation.

Human Resource Management: studies – additional benefits for UCTE students

Human Resource Management first cycle studies is a programme that UCTE has developed in close collaboration with HR practitioners. It is an innovative response to market needs and comprehensively prepares students for career development in human resources departments in any industry. Apart from the core curriculum, students also have the opportunity to study specialised topics at an advanced level:

  • personal controlling
  • modern leadership
  • programming of employee development
  • motivating employees with elements of management psychology
  • IT solutions in Human Resources
  • dilemmas, paradoxes and errors in managing people

The Human Resource Management studies at UCTE are also distinguished by the modern way of acquiring knowledge. Among the lecturers there are HR managers, managing directors as well as company owners who share their real knowledge from their own business practice. Apart from classes based on workshops, case studies and simulations, students can take part in interactive lectures, meetings with experts and training classes.

Human Resource Management: studies – what after obtaining the diploma?

Thanks to the broad, sought-after competences on the job market, UCTE graduates successfully find employment in the personnel departments of companies and institutions of many branches. By completing studies in human resources management, you will build your own attractive career path as e.g.:

  • HR director
  • development manager
  • team manager
  • recruitment specialist
  • training specialist
  • education broker
  • professional development trainer
  • business coach

After obtaining your diploma, you will build a career path also in consulting agencies, headhunting companies, training institutions and employment offices. Thanks to comprehensive business preparation, you will also be able to successfully establish your own company and develop it in your chosen market.

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