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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 6 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Management of small and medium-sized enterprises - bachelor degree

Complex company, project and process management? Learn it from the leaders of Polish entrepreneurship! We place our students under the wing of SME sector managers who will introduce you to the fascinating world of small and medium-sized business. The program has a strong market focus, so you will not only have the opportunity to learn the rules governing the closest environment for companies, but also to embed any processes in a changing national and international environment.

Upon graduation, you will be prepared to manage companies, run your own business and work in managerial positions in public administration and non-governmental organisations.

Business Management: studies – why is it worth it?

Studying management allows students to acquire interdisciplinary business knowledge and a range of practical skills and competences. In order to gain a competitive advantage, however, further in-depth training within a specific educational path is essential. Studies in management of small and medium-sized enterprises offer an opportunity to develop skills in interpretation of economic phenomena or financial analysis of a company under the guidance of experts-practitioners. It is also an opportunity to acquire a range of soft skills, such as communication or leadership skills.

By studying business management, you will learn to:

  • understand the mechanisms occurring in the economy
  • acquire, analyse and interpret quantitative and qualitative data
  • use advanced tools to analyse market phenomena and make optimal decisions
  • estimate the risk of business undertakings
  • apply relevant legal norms and rules
  • organise and supervise teamwork

Thanks to the wide network of partnerships that UCTE has built up over the years, you have the opportunity to benefit from a scientific business incubator. Choosing to study business management, you will broaden your knowledge in advanced segments:

Economics for Managers – money rules the world, and you will learn how to manage money.

Market leaders, who are themselves practitioners and successful business owners, will teach you everything you need to know as a future manager – not only of the SME sector.

Business communication and public speaking – management is largely based on contact with people.

By choosing business management studies, you will learn the principles of good communication, presentation and public speaking, both offline and online.

Analytics – one of the most important tools used by managers at all levels of management.

During your studies at UCTE you will not only learn how to process data effectively, but also how to see the relationships between them, allowing you to forecast possible business scenarios.

Managing yourself in time – in order to manage others effectively, personal efficiency is essential.

During your studies, you will learn to set your own goals and priorities, and then create timetables for achieving them. You will learn how to effectively manage time and stress, and you will get to know the principles of self-motivation and work-life balance.

Studying business management provides you with a full panoply of valuable skills, which not only guarantee an interesting job, but also leave you room for professional flexibility. Even if your career takes you in a completely different direction, the skills you acquire will make you an entrepreneurial person with the ability to manage finances and with analytical thinking.


Business Management – the study programme

Under the guidance of expert practitioners, you will begin to build a strong foundation of knowledge necessary for the work of a manager in the SME sector from the very first day of class:

  • You will learn about organisational and management methods and the principles of organisational culture
  • you will acquire knowledge about the managerial decision-making process
  • you will acquire the ability to analyse the development of an enterprise
  • you will learn to prepare and implement changes in an organisation
  • you will learn how to implement quality management systems
  • you will acquire the ability to negotiate

However, this is not all. Courses conducted at UCTE place great emphasis on entrepreneurship – our lecturers will provide you with all the knowledge you need to successfully run your own start-up:

  • you will learn how to create your own enterprise and how to manage it
  • You will learn how to develop a business plan
  • you will learn to develop a business development strategy on your own

You will be able to put your acquired knowledge and competences into practice by engaging in marketable projects and business initiatives. Attractive internships are prepared for all students, which may result in an offer of employment.

Business Management: studies – additional benefits for UCTE students

Business management: studies” is UCTE’s proprietary programme, created in 100% on the basis of current market needs. The emphasis is placed on sought-after competences such as:

  • conducting personnel policy
  • financial management
  • examining the financial condition of the company
  • interpreting and evaluating management phenomena and processes at different scales
  • solving problems connected with functioning of an organisation
  • making investment decisions
  • business competitiveness management

The Business Management studies at UCTE are based largely on workshops and case studies. You will acquire knowledge that you can put to the test in practice during your studies. This is followed by internships and work placements to prepare you for employment immediately after graduation.

Business Management – what after obtaining the diploma?

Management professionals find their way into companies with a variety of business profiles. They will successfully work in the SME sector as well as in large international corporations. After completing your studies, you will be prepared to take on managerial and advisory roles as, among others:

  • Company Board Member
  • Marketing Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Strategic Director
  • Business Management Support Systems Consultant
  • Product Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Business Management Consultant
  • Business Owner

Studying business management will also prepare you for further independent creation of a development path. Thanks to your competences, skills and flexibility, you will be able to move efficiently in any industry you may choose.

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