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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 6 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Environmentally friendly tourism management – bachelor degree

Nowadays, not only can we observe an increased interest in travelling, but also a leap in the ecological awareness of tourists. People are more and more aware of their impact on the surrounding environment, and this fact makes them choose green tourism solutions while travelling.

However, how to prepare hotels and the entire tourism infrastructure for this? How to manage processes in a sustainable manner? These are serious challenges faced by the industry, which is why professionals with a theoretical and practical background are becoming a valuable asset on the labor market.

Why to choose the course Environmentally friendly tourism management – green tourism?

Environmentally friendly tourism management – green tourism is the ideal tourism study for those who would like to associate their future with the sustainable tourism sector. It is also an excellent choice for those who wish to have an active influence on the future of the tourism and leisure industry. So-called “green tourism”, sustainable tourism or environmentally friendly tourism is no longer just a fashion – it is a conscious choice and a necessity. The growing interest of travelers in such products makes the ability to create offers based on natural resources – and then to manage them – a definite future of the industry.

Labor market experts estimate that specialists in the field of environmentally-friendly tourism management, skillfully combining classical tools with the basics of environmental and administrative knowledge, will become a key link in managerial teams of tourism companies, public administration and local governments.


What will studying Environmentally friendly Tourism Management – green tourism give you?

Environmentally friendly tourism management – green tourism is a study that is not only interesting and developing, but also has the potential to have a real impact on the future of the industry. With your knowledge and experience, you will be able to support and manage ecological processes and minimize the negative effects of classical tourism on the surrounding world. In the course you will learn to analyze trends, create environmentally friendly attitudes and design sustainable tourism products. There will be a strong emphasis on practical value, so under the guidance of expert practitioners you will develop skills in working with institutions that deal with nature conservation. After completing the diploma, you will be fully prepared to start working as a member.

The course of study for the specialization Environmentally friendly tourism management – green tourism

You will start this programme by building a solid foundation of knowledge and learn what modern sustainable tourism is. You will learn about trends in the tourism industry, how to create and implement sustainable tourism strategies and how to practice tourism in protected areas. During practical classes you will develop a number of key competencies, gain skills in using sustainable development tools, and learn how to create and use pro-ecological solutions. During workshops led by sector practitioners, you will learn about threats to the natural and cultural environment, and during internships and placements you will learn to plan and monitor sustainable tourism on your own.

Additional benefits for students of Environmentally friendly tourism management – green tourism

After studying at WSTiE, sustainable tourism will have no secrets from you! Our University has built the largest partnership network in Poland with institutions involved in nature conservation in Poland. Students of the Environmentally Friendly Tourism Management – Green Tourism course will thus have the opportunity to learn under the guidance of the most eminent experts, who will become student mentors. Under their guidance you will be able to develop your chosen field of study and practice sustainable tourism management. There are also attractive internships waiting for all students, thanks to which you will be able to test your skills and establish future professional relationships even before you defend your diploma. As a graduate of the specialization of Environmentally friendly tourism management – green tourism, you will also have the opportunity to further develop your skills by undertaking graduate or postgraduate studies, as well as the pioneering MBA in Tourism programme.

What to do after studying Environmentally friendly tourism management – green tourism?

After completing your degree, you will be fully prepared to enter employment as an independent sustainable tourism expert with any company in the industry. You will be able to handle product creation and promotion, market analysis, and forecasting of sustainable tourism trends. You will also find yourself perfectly in the public sector. Our graduates successfully find employment as employees of regional and local administrations, as well as managers of sustainable development in tourism institutions. Thanks to your practical training, you will also be able to set up your own business and provide eco-friendly tourism services.

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