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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 4 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Master degree in UCTE

Master’s degree studies in tourism and recreation are the next step in a journey of which the final destination is the acquisition of key competences sought by employers in the tourism industry and preparation for managerial work at the highest level. During your studies, you will develop the knowledge you already possess, and choosing a specific specialization will allow you to learn only the skills that are useful in your future career. Master’s degree in tourism is also a chance to participate in workshops, internships and foreign placements, which will help you spread your wings and check the knowledge taught by our specialists.

Master degree - fields of study

What will a master’s degree studies in tourism and recreation give you?

  • enhanced knowledge that will become your competitive advantage in the labor market
  • skills that will allow you to work as a sales and marketing specialist, shift leader, hotel operations department employee, tourism manager, product manager, event organizer or spa & wellness facilities manager
  • numerous traineeships, internships and opportunities to co-organize events in the tourism industry
  • the opportunity to learn a chosen, strict specialization under the guidance of a mentor – an expert in the tourism and leisure industry sector
  • the chance to work with key tourism brands
  • a pass to continue professional development on prestigious postgraduate studies – Hotel Manager and MBA studies in Tourism

Tourism at WSTiE represents the highest quality of education:

  • The title of the Best Tourism University – for many years the first place in the ranking of the best tourism universities in Poland. Unquestionable leader in the category of schools offering the best professional preparation
  • Accreditation of university departments according to the highest and latest standards of Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • High European standards of comprehensive preparation of universities for admission and education of foreign students approved by the Ministry of Interior and Administration
  • Sapere Auso Teaching Quality Award, for outstanding achievements in work with young people and educational achievements in shaping the young generation

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