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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 4 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Health tourism manager – master's degree

Modern civilization forces the necessity of greater care for our state of health and this from an early age. Awareness of this fact translates into a high proportion of societies in activities such as wellness and spa, the use of fitness clubs and professional treatment and rehabilitation. Health tourism is becoming one of the leading global trends, and every day the number of people who combine their leisure plans with various health and beauty treatments is growing. The advantages of this form of tourism is that it combines care for improving health and learning new and attractive places. But how to effectively promote and manage such a demanding market? You will learn this while studying at the UCTE.

Do you bind your future with the dynamically developing tourist services market? Do you want to learn about the principles of functioning of the health tourism market? Have you always wanted to gain knowledge in management?

Managerial studies at UCTE – the key to your success!

Health tourism manager – why is it worth?

  • You will gain knowledge of law in health tourism.
  • You will learn how to analyse markets.
  • You will learn to combine the tourism sector with medical services.
  • You will learn the principles of marketing of health tourism services.
  • You will gain knowledge in the field of sales management.
  • You will learn about the realities of companies operating in the health tourism market.
  • You will join the still small group of specialists operating on the health tourism market.


Studying at ucte:

  • you will meet the best specialists in the tourism industry;
  • you will get comprehensive knowledge about health tourism;
  • you will master skills related to the design and sale of services;
  • you will learn to use the latest solutions in company management, e.g. e-commerce, revenue management;
  • you will learn how to manage quality;
  • You will gain the tools and skills necessary to work with the client;
  • you will learn the mechanisms and dependencies between various branches of the tourism economy.

Your career in the industry:

  • health tourism specialist,
  • manager of departments of health services in hotels and resorts,
  • spa & wellness coordinator,
  • employee in spa enterprises,
  • travel agent,
  • employee of companies providing health and medical services.

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