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The increasing importance of specialized, targeted MBA programs that educate senior-level managers necessitates the preparation of an offering that goes beyond the needs of industries such as IT, HR, or finance. The MBA in Tourism is the first program of its kind in Poland, covering not only many traditional MBA areas such as leadership, marketing, management, ethics, and accounting, but also delving into the current strategies and trends of the tourism industry in great detail. The MBA places a strong emphasis on the practical application of these elements in market-oriented projects within the rapidly growing tourism sector, which is one of the most dynamic industries in the current business environment.

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Why MBA at WSTiE?

  1. Modern economy is increasingly based on services, and among them, the tourism industry is developing the fastest.
  2. A broad business, cultural, and social perspective on the problems of tourism, as well as diverse points of view (USA, Europe, Poland) – a joint American-Polish educational program provides an opportunity to acquire skills to operate in a culturally diverse business environment and mutual transfer of knowledge (know-how).
  3. Graduates are fully prepared to work in tourism and hospitality enterprises in key management positions, as well as to run their own company and expand their business activities into the tourism sector.
  4. The effectiveness of business activities of graduates increases due to the expansion of knowledge of multicultural issues and tools to optimize management in the tourism industry.
  5. The training program allows to develop the range of soft skills necessary for managerial positions: leadership skills, the ability to work in teams and solve problems, communication skills, the ability to conduct research and analysis, presentation and self-presentation skills, as well as working with clients.
  6. Thanks to an international group of professionally active students, all graduates gain access to an invaluable professional network, opportunities for business collaboration and networking, and an unparalleled exchange of real-world experiences and examples from around the world.
  7. With the guidance of renowned lecturers from around the globe, who possess extensive business experience and skills in knowledge-sharing, students receive a unique mix of success factors that will significantly contribute to the development of their businesses.
  8. The modern and innovative formula of interactive studies, which is distinct from the traditional teaching process, empowers students to independently gather and construct their own paths of knowledge, free from the confines of a traditional classroom.
  9. Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) diploma from Antioch University, a prestigious American institution, as well as a diploma in specialized studies from the University of Tourism and Ecology.
  10. The MBA in Tourism program holds accreditation from the American Commission for Higher Education.

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