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Registration for studies on the IRK platform - step by step.

If you don’t have an IRK account at the University College of Tourism and Ecology, go to, click on the create an account link (Fig. 1.) and then, after reading the information clause, put a checkmark indicating that you have read the information and press the button ->Continue – Fig. 2.

Fig. 1. IRK home page of the University of Tourism and Ecology

Fig. 2. Creating an account in IRK – acceptance of the information clause

This will take you to Create an account page where you need to enter your e-mail address and a password consisting of at least 8 characters, including at least one letter and one digit – Fig.3.

Fig. 3. Entering e-mail address and password

After clicking Create account button a message with a link to activate the account will be displayed (Fig. 4).

Entering the address sent in the email will activate your account and you will be able to log into IRK. – Fig. 5.

Fig. 5. Mail with link to account activation and information after activation

After logging in to IRK, My Account subpage will open and you should choose Offer tab (Fig. 6)

Fig. 6 – Offer

When you go to the Offer tab you will be able to select the type of study – Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, Postgraduate Studies, Specialized Education. (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7 Tab with offered education types

In the sub-page of a particular type of study, you can select a form of study by clicking on it, select an organizational unit by clicking on its name and then click on the button with a right arrow symbol. After completing the steps described above, click the Filter button. (Fig. 8)

Fig. 8 Filtering fields of study

Clicking the Filter button at the bottom of the page will display the available degree programs available in the current round of college admissions. ( Fig. 9)

Fig. 9 Programs of study available in the current round of admissions

To select a major, click on its name. After clicking on it, a page with a description of the chosen major will be displayed. After reading the description of the major, click the Sign up button to proceed to the recruitment for the selected program. (Fig. 10)

Fig. 10. Subpage of the selected study program

After clicking Sign up you will be asked to fill in the missing data starting with Basic personal data (Fig. 12.) then Address and contact details (Fig. 13.). IMPORTANT: after entering data, save it by clicking the save button in each sub-tab.

Fig. 11. Message asking to complete the data

Fig. 12. Basic Personal Data sub-tab on the Personal Forms tab

Figure 13: Address and contact information sub-tab on the Personal Forms tab

For the photo on the Photo tab, review the photo requirements and taking these into account using the Select File… button, selecting the photo file from the available resources, the Open button, and then the Save button, navigate to the Cropping Photo page. On the Photo Cropping page, you can crop the downloaded file using the white squares located at the border of the main photo or rotate it by 900 using the dark blue right or left buttons.  Once you have made any changes (or not) using the Save button, you return to the Photo sub-tab with a note that the Photo changes have been saved, and with the cropped photo in the Current Photo section- Fig. 14.

Figure 14: Selecting a photo file on the Photo sub-tab and going through the Cropping Photo page

In the case of admissions to first-degree courses, after adding the photo, go to the Education tab. After filling in the first three fields in the Secondary education section of the Education sub-tab, use the Save and add document button to go to the Add document page – Fig.15.

Fig. 15. Switching from Education sub-tab to the Add document page

After completing the fields on the Add Document page (Fig. 16.), click the Save and Return button, which will return you to the Education sub-tab.

Fig. 16. Add document page

In the section of the document you are entering, you will then see information about missing exam results, a missing file, and an Edit exam results link that you can click to go to a page with the name of the type of document you are filling out (e.g. New Matura) – Fig. 17.

Fig. 17. Moving from the section of the document to be filled in to the page with the name of the type of document to be filled in

When entering exam results, be sure to enter as many as possible. (Fig. 18)

Figure 18: Example of minimum exam score entry.

After saving the exam results with the Save and return button (the button is located at the end of the page), you return to the Education sub-tab where all that remains is the information about the missing file. In order to add the missing file click the edit button Fig. 19.

Fig. 19 Education sub-tab button for adding a scan of a diploma

When the Edit Document page appears, click on the Save and Add File button, which takes you to the Add File page. On the newly opened page, select a file that is a scan of the document for study eligibility and also complete the File Title field. Once entered, click select file, select the appropriate file from disk click Open after adding the file click Save and return. A diagram of how to add a document is shown in Fig. 20.

Fig. 20 Successive transitions from the Education sub-tab to the Edit Document page and then to the Add File page Selecting a file, completing the File Title field on the Add File page, and saving changes.

Once you have completed the documents, go to the My Account menu item and then to the Enrolment Applications tab to verify the status of your application. (Fig. 21)If your application does not appear on the list, go to the Offer menu again and  sign up again.

Fig. 21. Switching to the Recruitment Applications tab

After going to the Recruitment Applications tab, click on Additional Questions and answer the questions you see there.

Figure 22: Answering additional questions

After answering, return to the Enrollment Applications tab and click on Documents and Next Steps, where you download the application for studies. Verify the accuracy of the data shown on the application and sign it. Signed application along with other visible documents should be delivered to the University.

Fig. 23: List of documents to furnish at the University.

After the Dean’s Office employee verifies the correctness of the attached documents, the student’s application receives the status “qualified” in the Qualification Status field and in the Decision field as “accepted”. If there is a need to complete the application, you will receive  appropriate notification from the University.

Fig. 24: College admission.

The enrollment fee (85 PLN) and the registration fee (300 PLN) should be paid to the account:

Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Ekologii, ul. Zamkowa 1, 34-200 Sucha Beskidzka
Bank Name: PKO BP S.A o. w Katowicach
Bank account number: PL94102023130000360204318770
Transfer title: opłata rekrutacyjna albo opłata wpisowa

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