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The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka (UCTE) is a stable and recognized brand among universities on the European educational market. In accordance with its mission, the university guarantees a high level of education supported by reliable practice in order to make its graduates more attractive on the labour market. It conducts research, contributing to the development of science and the socio-economic environment. For many years it has occupied the highest position among tourist universities in Poland, confirmed by numerous awards and a place on the highest podium in prestigious rankings.

The university runs the following faculties: Tourism and Recreation, Information Technology and Social Sciences. The faculties provide education in European standards, creating attractive career prospects based on up-to-date knowledge, latest research and industry experience. Undergraduate, engineering and graduate courses as well as postgraduate and other forms of education at UCTE are characterised by the highest quality, innovation and adjustment to the current needs of the European labour market. The University provides highly qualified teaching and research staff, innovative study programs, attractive internships and placements organized all over the world and support of the best specialists from the business world. UCTE guarantees very good preparation of graduates to enter the demanding job market.

The University College of Tourism and Ecology has educated thousands of students. Many of them have achieved spectacular professional success, occupying top positions in companies representing various branches of the economy. UCTE constantly develops its educational offer by creating innovative programs, such as the first in Poland specialized postgraduate studies for managers MBA in Tourism. It also provides certified courses and trainings, developing competences sought by companies and increasing competitiveness on the labour market.

The basis of the UCTE strategy is the student, the development and the educational and professional success of the student. The university’s motto: closer to the student, closer to the economy and closer to the world, guides its development and describes its philosophy of functioning.

Closer to the student

Students are the foundation of the academic community. Rector and Senate of the university are open to creative cooperation, encourage students to participate in the decision-making process and academic activity. The University cares for optimum conditions for the development of students, enabling them not only to acquire knowledge, but also to pursue various passions and scientific interests, as well as a wide range of personal development. A priority is the practical preparation of graduates for entry into the European labour market.

The University achieves these goals through:

  1. Education on courses accredited according to the latest and highest standards of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  2. Providing students with comprehensive knowledge and skills, transferred by the best didactic and scientific staff and business practitioners.
  3. Implementing innovative curricula, based on modern European models, designed to teach, inspire and arouse passion.
  4. Enabling the acquisition of specialist competences, increasing graduates’ chances with future employers.
  5. Realization of distance learning studies with the use of modern technologies and tools.
  6. Ensuring a flexible mode of education, enabling a convenient combination of work and study.
  7. Offering study programmes in English.
  8. Offering attractive internships and placements all over the world.
  9. Guaranteeing an individual career path for the best students, in cooperation with the UCTE Business Academy and the Academic Career Office.

Closer to the economy

The university runs an innovative project called the Business Academy – a programme of cooperation between the university and the environment, where dedicated teams consisting of experienced lecturers, practitioners and managers and the best students participate in real business ventures. The Business Academy carries out specialised projects for entrepreneurs, the education sector and public administration. It also provides advice and support in designing one’s own company, creating business plans and development strategies, as well as assistance in negotiating and signing business contracts. An important segment is also the implementation of international EU projects serving the development of entrepreneurship, including academic entrepreneurship.

Within the framework of cooperation with the business environment, the university offers:

  1. Provision of comprehensive consulting services for the commercial, public, and NGO sectors.
  2. Support in the area of risk management in a company and foundations of competitive advantage on the market.
  3. Providing organisations with solutions in the area of technologies and tools for Industry 4.
  4. Support in the implementation of market-attractive products and services.
  5. Support in building the operational capacity of private and public institutions.
  6. Carrying out scientific research, market analyses, and expert opinions.
  7. Developing educational programs that meet the needs of business and the principles of the integrated qualifications system.
  8. Development and implementation of post-graduate qualification and improvement programmes for business need.
  9. Delivery of training tailored to the needs of business and the education sector.
  10. Development and implementation of projects with external funding.

Closer to the world

The strategic element of UCTE’s development is internationalization, which involves comprehensive cooperation with foreign research and teaching centres, public institutions, associations, and businesses. A high position in national rankings enables cooperation with leading educational centres from all over the world and joint implementation of ambitious projects, staff and student exchange, as well as creation of programmes of global importance, including Polish-American MBA studies. A good example of wide-ranging international cooperation is the SUMCULA project partnership involving several entities – European universities and educational institutions, as well as the HoReCa project implemented in a transnational consortium.

The international character of the university means:

  1. Cooperation with partner universities from all over the world, such as: USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia.
  2. International research projects and undertakings.
  3. Exchange of study programmes, conferences, monographic lectures, publications and exchanges of staff and students.
  4. Comprehensive remote education for students from all over the world, delivered in real time in English using state-of-the-art technology.
  5. Implementation of the educational process at the highest standard, documented by international certificates and diplomas.
  6. Application of high European standards of comprehensive preparation of the university for accepting and educating students from abroad, approved by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland.

The University College of Tourism and Ecology has formulated its core values as follows:

  1. The transferred knowledge provided is based on the latest sources and industry experience.
  2. Social responsibility as an essential factor in university development.
  3. Digital technologies seen as a holistic change.
  4. An innovative university model is an indispensable element in building market advantage.
  5. The education is based on universal ethical values.

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