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prof Łabaj

Rector Marek Łabaj, PhD, Associate Professor

Doctor of Physical Culture, graduate of the University School of Physical Education in Krakow and the Jagiellonian University, specialist in sustainable development in tourism, tourism and recreation development, and managerial etiquette.

For many years he has been teaching and researching at the University School of Physical Education, Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Katowice Business University (KBU). Former president of the Institute of Tourism in Krakow. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Silesian Institute of Tourism and Environmental Protection in Katowice. For many years Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at UCTE. Expert, team leader, author and co-author of numerous studies and implementation works for municipalities, cities, and regions in the field of sustainable development strategies, tourism development strategies, landscape and environment protection, ecological tourism, research on tourists’ preferences and expectations, tourist traffic intensity and analysis of good practices for rural development. Coordinator of project teams and international projects co-financed by EU funds. Author and co-author of textbooks, scripts, monographs, and study programmes. Author of several dozen scientific articles on sustainable development, physical recreation, and eco-development. Author of numerous popular science articles in national and international journals.


Chancellor of UCTE Maria Grzechynka

A graduate of the Cracow University of Economics and the Cracow School of Business at the CUE. As a Chancellor she is responsible for managing, organising, and supervising the UCTE administration. She coordinates the area of university development strategy. She takes decisions in matters of cooperation with domestic and foreign social and economic environment.

She also acts as: President of the Foundation for Education, Health, Development, Director of the Vocational Activity Centre, and Director of Hotel Monttis in Sucha Beskidzka. For many years, she held managerial positions in the Counselling and Staff Improvement Centre of the Cooperative Rural Education Fund Foundation in Warsaw, the European Centre of Education, the International Association for the Development of Regions APURE, and the Postsecondary School of Tourism in Sucha Beskidzka. She initiated international cooperation between local governments, social organisations, and business in the Malopolska Region. Awarded with a prestigious European passport for her contribution in creating a new economic reality at Poland’s accession to the European Union. Initiator of many national and international projects in the field of education, culture, and tourism. She initiated and coordinated the implementation of dozens of national and European projects under EU programs, including “Development of modern cadres for tourism industry of South-Eastern Poland”, “Central and Eastern Europe towards challenges of XXI century”, “Sustainable tourism of Euroregion Beskidy”, “Regional Development Network – multiplier of Polish experiences for development of Georgian regions”, “Model of national parks activity in wider socio-economic environment”, “Design Thinking as a tool for practical support of business and science development”. Awarded with the Badge of Honour by the Minister of Sport and Tourism “For Merits to Tourism,” the prestigious title of “Osobowość Ziem Górskich” (Personality of the Mountain Lands), the honorary title of “Meritorious to the City of Sucha Beskidzka” and the “Pąsowa Róża” (Red Rose) statuette for her commitment to the city of Sucha Beskidzka.

prof. Borkowski

Rector's Plenipotentiary for Scientific Research Krzysztof Borkowski, PhD, Associate Professor

Doctor of Physical Culture, graduate of the University School of Physical Education in Krakow, specialist in the field of tourism research and tourism product design. Head of the Department of Tourism Management, didactic-scientific employee of the University School of Physical Education.

Research issues: Poles’ leisure model, responsibility of the tourism industry, designing a tourism product, psychological aspects of travelling, research on the opinions of tourists, reception places and tourism service staff. Co-founder and long-term Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation at the UCTE. Expert of the Polish Tourism Association, board member of the Malopolska Tourist Organisation, head of the intercollegiate team of MOT experts for tourism phenomena in Krakow and Malopolska. Long-time member of the national examination and qualification board for foreign tour guides, long-time chairman of the Malopolska Regional Examination Commission for tour guides. In the years 2003-2019 chairman of the jury of the competition „ODYS” for the best travel agency in Malopolska. Author and co-author of numerous publications and participant of many methodical and scientific conferences in the field of tourism services and physical recreation. Awarded with the Badge of Honour of the Minister of Sport and Tourism „For Merits to Tourism”, ” Malopolska Tourism Personality”, „Honoris Gratia” Award of the President of the City of Krakow, Gold and Silver Cross of Merit, Medal of the National Education Commission and Gold Medal for Long Service.   

prof. Walas

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation Bartłomiej Walas, PhD, Associate Professor

Doctor of Physical Culture, graduate of the University School of Physical Education in Kraków and the Institute of Research and High Studies of Studies (IREST) of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne University, specialist in the field of tourism policy and tourism marketing. He combined didactic work with the practice of tourism economy in managerial positions, among others in the Branch Office of the Institute of Tourism and in Wawel-Tourist company.

In 1996-2008 director of the Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Paris; in 2008-2017 vice-president and acting president of the Polish Tourism Organisation. Member of the Expert Council for Tourism at the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology; Member of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry; Member of the Sectoral Council for Tourism Competencies, Member of the Council for Development and Promotion of Tourism at the Marshal of the Malopolska Region. Author of “Marketing strategy of Poland in the tourism sector for 2012-2020” and “Sustainable tourism policy of Krakow for 2021-2028”. Coordinator of many national and European projects, such as “Building a new quality in national parks, taking into account the expectations and potential of the socio-economic environment”, “Trainer of tourist sector staff in the HORECA industry”, “Professional competences in the MICE industry”. Author of numerous scientific articles and research and implementation works. Chairman of the University Education Quality Assurance Team at UCTE. Co-author of study programmes in the field of tourism and recreation. Awarded with distinctions: Badge of Honour of the Minister of Sport and Tourism “For Merits to Tourism,” Badge of Honour “For Merits to the Polish Chamber of Tourism,” badge of the President of the City of Krakow “Honoris Gratia,” Bronze and Silver Cross of Merit (Poland) and Gold Medal of Tourism (France).

prof. Nocoń

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Marek Nocco, PhD, Associate Professor

Doctor of Social Sciences, a graduate of the Cracow University of Economics and the Pedagogy and Psychology Studies at the CUE. For many years he worked for the Kredyt Bank Capital Group, where, as the director of a subsidiary branch, he participated in the processes of implementing training for the employees of the Capital Group and external institutions.

His areas of professional interest are management and quality, social work, and labour market analysis with particular focus on study of the career of university graduates. Manager of postgraduate studies at UCTE, professional advisor, business coach. Coordinator of the processes of adapting educational programmes to the labour market needs and co-author and implementer of training programmes for the SME sector. Responsible for international cooperation of the university. Member of project teams and coordinator of projects co-financed by European Union funds, among others: „Design thinking as a tool of practical support for the development of business and science”, „Comprehensive support programme for students of the university educating practically for the BPO sector”, „Virtual training for work in the tourism sector”, „Development of the Academic Career Office of the University College of Tourism and Ecology”. Member of teams implementing R&D projects and expertise. Co-author of several dozen publications in the field of management, quality, labour market analysis, tourism, and marketing.

Marcin Kubasiak

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science Marcin Kubasiak

A graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology and Pedagogical University of Krakow as well as doctoral studies in the field of computer science at the Silesian University of Technology. Specialist in advanced IT technologies and information systems, webmaster, computer graphic designer, sound engineer. Chairman of the Programme Council for distance learning at UCTE.

Implementer of IT systems, including those for education (USOS, SUITECRM, Moodle, CMS, Cisco WebEx), administrator of hosting servers. Academic lecturer and trainer in the project “Malopolska Education Cloud – a new teaching model.” Co-author of study programmes in the field of information technology and IT training and courses. Lecturer in the field of modern IT tools for academic staff of Ukrainian universities. A trainer and a long-term associate of the European Centre for Education in Sucha Beskidzka. He combines didactic work with business practice by implementing solutions in the field of automation, mechatronics, and control systems (microcontrollers, PLCs, CAD, CNC, and 3D printing). Author of engineering-technical documentation in the field of automation and robotics and control systems used in the production industry. Implementer of EU projects on the use of modern information technologies in education, with particular emphasis on distance education.

Marek Durmała

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism – Branch in Krakow: Marek Durmała

Graduated from the University School of Physical Education in Krakow, Wyższa Szkoła Nauk Pedagogicznych (the Higher School of Pedagogical Sciences) in Warsaw, Wyższa Szkoła Administracji (the Higher School of Administration) in Bielsko-Biala and the University College of Tourism and Ecology. Lecturer, specialist in the field of tourist services, tourist pilotage, history of tourism and recreation, as well as qualified tourism. Coordinator of field trainings at UCTE.

Germanist, vocational counsellor, trainer with many years of pedagogical experience. Member of expert teams implementing projects: “Professional competences in the MICE industry,” “From education to employment through entrepreneurship,” “Virtual professional training in the tourism sector,” “Network tourism product of the Babia Góra Region.” Author and co-author of publications: “The problem of low emissions and environmental awareness of the inhabitants of the Lesser Poland region,” „Construction of green hostels based on biologically renewable building materials and network of natural economic media,” “Qualitative and quantitative research of tourist traffic in the Tatra National Park in 2018-2020”, “Cultural tourism routes in Lesser Poland – use and promotion on selected examples. Monograph.” Awarded with the Badge of Honour of the Minister of Sport and Tourism “For Merits to Tourism.