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The University College of Tourism and Ecology guarantees a high level of education supported by reliable practice in order to increase the attractiveness of its graduates in the labour market. It conducts research, contributing to the development of science and the socio-economic environment.

WSTiE vision

We want to be an innovative and exemplary didactic and scientific, opinion-forming and advisory institution;

  • be a leading university offering multi-directional education for the needs of the new digital economy and networked and pro-ecological society;
  • actively participate in the development of innovative education, research
  • and dissemination of useful knowledge, nationally and internationally;
  • to be a university broadly open to the socio-economic environment in order to effectively identify and create solutions in the areas of specialization of the university;
  • to be a university friendly to the culturally diverse academic community, educating students in the spirit of responsibility, respect for academic freedom and adherence to the principles of ethics;
  • take social responsibility and create timeless values,
  • with particular emphasis on sustainable development, social inclusion, the progressive process of digitization and the development of new technologies.

WSTiE values

The Wealth of knowledge we impart is based on the latest sources and industry experience.

Social responsibility is an essential factor in the development of our university.

We see digital Technologies as a holistic change.

An Innovative university model is an indispensable part of building a market advantage.

The Education we deliver is based on universal ethical values.

The mission of WSTiE is reflected in the following strategic objectives

  1. High quality, availability and innovation of education,
  2. Specialisation of education
  3. Development of scientific research
  4. Internationalisation of the university
  5. Strengthening of the cooperation with the socio-economic environment.

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