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The University Collage of Tourism and Ecology is situated in the renaissance castle in Sucha, called Little Wawel

The historic interiors house modern lecture halls, computer laboratories, conference rooms, the seat of the university authorities and the „U Stańczyka” student club. Students and lecturers appreciate the intimate atmosphere of this unique place, while guests are strongly impressed by the architecture of the castle and its picturesque surroundings.

There are lecture and training rooms, computer rooms, conference rooms, a library, a reading room, an Academic Career Office, a Student Internship Centre, Student Government offices, accommodation and catering facilities, a recreation area, a postgraduate studies secretariat, a financial department, staff duty rooms and an archive. All rooms have free, fast and secure access to the Internet.

Multimedia classrooms

The spacious lecture halls are equipped with modern multimedia equipment including video conferencing sets.

Modern computer laboratories

Computer laboratories have been equipped with modern computer hardware and software enabling the realization of the didactic process in all fields of study. Fully equipped dedicated laboratories, including for classes on computer electronics, computer networks, microcontrollers and embedded systems, computer graphics, CRM systems, physics, 3D printing, tourist services or physical recreation allow full replication of working conditions and conduct classes in the form of projects and workshops.

Library and reading room

The WSTiE library provides students with access to thousands of volumes in such areas as: computer science, technical sciences, tourism, recreation, sightseeing, hotel industry, gastronomy, economics, marketing, management, public relations, political science. Students can also use access to a wide range of video library and electronic databases. The multimedia reading room is equipped with modern computer workstations, including those for the disabled.

Student zone

Students’ Club „U Stańczyka”, Academic Career Office and Student Internship Center, Office of the Student Government, Gym, billiards, table tennis, gym, sauna, Restaurant, café, lobby bar, snack bar, Green areas, Sports facilities – the university provides students with access to sports facilities: sports fields, running track, tennis court, indoor swimming pool, ice rink, sports halls and gyms.

Proximity to shopping, malls, restaurants, fitness clubs, indoor swimming pool, movie theater, concert hall, public library, and hiking and biking trails.

Facilities for people with disabilities

  • WSTiE buildings are fully adapted to the needs of people with various disabilities – the buildings are equipped with elevators, ramps, staircases and toilets for the disabled. Computer equipment in lecture halls, library, reading room, „U Stańczyka” club have functionalities facilitating use by persons with disabilities – touch screens with the possibility of adjusting contrast, specialist software, keyboards for the visually impaired and Braille keyboards. In addition, as part of the facilities people with disabilities can use, among others:
  • assistance from the rector’s accessibility officer,
  • individual organization of studies and adapting the process of studying to individual educational needs resulting from the specificity of health condition, according to the rules defined in the WSTiE Rules of Studies,
  • scholarship for persons with disabilities,
  • remote contact with the University administration,
  • Facilities for library use.

Technology solutions to support learning process

Moodle educational platform – an e-learning platform containing didactic materials, knowledge tests, tasks to be performed by oneself, links to sources, multimedia files, etc. It is a support for people who cannot participate in the classes, especially disabled students, those who have an individual course of study or are on an individual career path.

Industry business simulations – these are educational games which make the teaching offer more attractive, thanks to which students – under the supervision of a tutor – individually or in teams set up and run their own virtual companies. This is an effective tool for learning how to run a business, manage a company, make business decisions and analyze their consequences

USOS system – an information system used for comprehensive management of the course of studies, thanks to which most student issues can be handled remotely. It contains information on e.g. subjects taken in a given semester, grades for credits and examinations and allows for electronic submission of student applications.

Specialized software – modern technology is now an indispensable part of the educational process, so it is important to adapt the software to the field of study and specialization as well as market trends.

Online Classroom Platforms – state-of-the-art Webex Cisc and MS Teams platforms enable remote communication with faculty and students, allow students to participate in online classes and group work on projects, discussions and file sharing.

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