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Cooperation with foreign partners holds a deeply important place among activities performed by WSTiE. It improves the quality of the educational process, enables to exchange experience and promote both the region and the whole Poland in the international arena.

For many years WSTiE has been actively cooperating with foreign partners around the world;

  • International organizations,
  • Polish community centers,
  • Associations,
  • Universities,

In the era of common educational market, one of the top priorities of our University is to develop joint projects with existing partners, as well as to initiate cooperation with new academic centers.
Due to the common cultural heritage, as well as the latest trends in higher education, WSTiE cooperates intensively with universities from EU Member States.

Working area

  • Coordination of the Erasmus+ program; exchange of students and academic staff
  • Negotiating, drafting and supervising the implementation of agreements and arrangements of international cooperation.
  • Cooperation with universities and other foreign organizations on the exchange of teaching and research experience.
  • Planning and organizing visits of foreign delegations to our University, as well as WSTiE representatives’ return visits.
  • Organizing and coordinating exchange programs with foreign institutions for students, university staff and other national partners.
  • Recruiting students from abroad.- Encouragement and support of WSTiE student mobility – WSTiE students are able to complete their studies, placements, and internships abroad.
  • Assistance and support for international students; providing advice on course choices, the application process and the current labour market requirements.

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