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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 7 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Multimedia technologies and computer graphics - bachelor degree

The specialization program puts emphasis on learning practical skills in creating multimedia materials. As a graduate, you will gain knowledge of computer graphics at a level that allows implementation of the presentation layer in a variety of environments. By graduating, you will be able to effectively use the available software for creating and editing raster graphics, vector graphics, computer animations, 3D modelling and animation, as well as efficiently record, edit and add special effects to audio and video materials and prepare their publication.

Do you have a strict mind, big creativity and artistic soul? Are you interested in the processing of static and moving images, the processing of sounds, music and speech?

Would you like to professionally deal with the creation of computer games, video clips, small movie forms, computer animation and three-dimensional graphics?

IT studies with the specialty of Multimedia technologies and computer graphics are the first step to implementing your plans!

Multimedia technologies and computer graphics why is it worth?

  • An IT specialist is the most sought-after profession in the world.
  • The IT market is looking for specialists in narrow areas.
  • There are no experts in Poland dealing with the use of computer techniques for the purposes of visualization and visualization of reality – a job is waiting for you!


Studying at ucte:

  • you will learn the secrets of graphic and multimedia technologies;
  • you will learn how to design, program, implement, run and maintain multimedia applications;
  • you will learn how to create complex graphic and multimedia systems;
  • you will learn to implement and work with sound.

Your career in the industry:

  • employee of companies involved in the design and implementation of software with advanced graphical and multimedia interfaces,
  • company owner / freelancer involved in the preparation of computer animations and modelling and creating 3D animations;
  • creative graphic designer in an advertising agency,
  • a specialist in computer graphics in the media.

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