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A leader's practical path

We provide our students with individual guidance from career counselors so that they can become leaders in their fields. Each student has the opportunity to take a path of study that suits their interests and aptitudes. Our career counselors will help you direct your development. Check out the details.

1. Get to know your predispositions at individual consultations with an expert

You will start your studies at WSTiE with an individual meeting with our qualified career counselor. The expert will conduct a detailed analysis of your potential and help you discover your talents and competitive advantages. Then he will suggest how to develop them to turn them into success in your future career. Thanks to a professional interview, competency tests and presentations, you will take the right direction from the beginning of your studies.

2. Work with exceptional students with similar potential

As part of our program, we carefully analyze the potential of each student/student and help him/her build the most effective networks. By comparing the results of the diagnosis, conducted by our experienced career counselors and competency tests, we create dynamic groups that foster mutual support and motivation. In this way, we provide you with optimal conditions for development and acquisition of necessary skills.

3. Choose a mentor to guide you towards success

Our priority is to provide students with support and care at every stage of their studies, which is why we assign qualified mentors. By participating in the program, you too will have the opportunity to establish direct contact with experienced professionals in your field. Together you will establish a development plan and build a strategy that is tailored to your goals and ambitions.

4. Build competitive advantage under the guidance of industry experts

At WSTiE, groups of young leaders are already pursuing an individualized schedule of activities under the watchful eye of mentors. Seminars, mentorship, participation in industry events, recommendations on literature and portals, learning critical thinking, study tours and networking are just some of the elements of our comprehensive program.

5. Attend an individual mentoring session

As part of the program, you will be able to identify your preferred area of specialization (marketing, management, building your own business, finance, European funds) and schedule a consultation with an expert in that field. This meeting will allow you to dive even deeper into your chosen topic, gain specialized knowledge and master practical skills.

6. Summarize the effects of the program and create a plan for the future

The final mentoring meeting will give you a broader perspective on your activities to date, analyze your successes, and identify the challenges you have encountered during the program. The mentor will have the opportunity to share his or her observations and comments on your development, giving you an even better understanding of your strengths and areas to focus on in the future. You will also receive a certificate, confirming the qualifications you have developed.

At WSTIE, you will gain skills:

  • effective communication
  • building strong and authentic relationships
  • strategic thinking, which gives a broader perspective and helps to always achieve the desired goal
  • constructive conflict management by developing the art of empathy, negotiation and self-control
  • motivate and inspire the team to act creatively
  • make difficult decisions to achieve goals
  • delegate tasks and manage your own work better
  • nurturing your own credibility and building respect, authority and trust

Check out the success stories of our graduates


Katarzyna Pawlus

He successfully serves as Business Development Manager at Exarto.

Daniel Janka

A talented engineer specializing in the area of automation.


Anastazja Szerkus

He is a true inspiration for all dreamers and travelers.


Aleksandra Fabin

He uses his knowledge and managerial skills to reach for his next career goals.

Tomasz Piątek

He is the best proof that practical education is the key to achieving a spectacular career.


Edyta Króliczek

Professional Event Manager who has turned her passion for traveling and organizing events into a dream job.

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An effective leader is:

  • a person with high soft skills
  • good planner and efficient organizer
  • courageous and wise leader
  • manager delegating tasks and setting priorities
  • team player

Leadership is a skill that develops over time – the qualities of a leader can be improved over a lifetime of professional development. Effective leadership requires soft skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, work effectively in a group, and be creative.