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Katarzyna Pawlus

Katarzyna Pawlus

Graduated in public relations. She currently works as a Business Development Manager at Exarto. When looking for a field of study, I wanted to follow something that would allow me to shape my personality and realize myself. I knew that WSTiE would help me do that.

The direction of Public Relations – Social Communication turned out to be perfect for me. It was full of positive challenges: combining new trends with knowledge and practice, so I realistically prepared myself for later professional challenges. For me, the 3 years of undergraduate studies at WSTiE were not only a time of active acquisition of knowledge, but also active participation in the life of the university. The greatest value of WSTiE is that it teaches students how to be proactive and go beyond the usual patterns. During my studies, I took part in the preparation of events – including, on behalf of the university, I participated in the implementation of the “Flavors of Europe” program with the participation of representatives of the European Parliament. I learned the profession every day, working on real projects. I promoted the local Monttis Hotel at national tourism fairs and the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, and I advertised WSTiE in high schools and at educational fairs in Cracow. I was actively involved in organizing a Polish-German-French seminar, as well as Polish-Hungarian and Polish-Italian seminars. But that’s not all – this university teaches how to act in the spirit of CSR and show empathy. So, as part of my volunteer work, I took care of children from an orphanage, who every year, under the care of the university’s students, spend Santa Claus in Sucha Beskidzka. After defending my diploma, my “voyage of professional life” began right here, at this university. Immediately after graduation, I became involved with WSTiE for more than 4 years, building the Academy Career Office from scratch. I learned a lot and gained wind in my sails, and then I made my next port of call – the widely understood IT industry. Here I took on the roles of product manager, marketing manager, marketing director, one after the other. But it’s not about the titles themselves here, but about the opportunities to build something from scratch again. WSTiE gave me a very strong foundation, helpful in creating new things, creating a brand image for the company and also an employer brand. I was also professionally connected with a company that was a market leader in the construction industry in Poland. The company also operated in international markets, so I could prove myself working in a cross-cultural environment. I was responsible for marketing activities of branches, located in various countries (including the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States). Currently, I am associated with an IT company specializing in Business Intelligence class reporting and analytical solutions, as well as machine learning and AI.

Szymon Noworyta

Szymon Noworyta

A graduate in tourism and recreation. He currently works as Guest Relations Deputy Manager at Nosalowy Parka Hotel & Spa in Zakopane. I chose WSTiE because I knew it was the only place where I would be able to develop my passion for hospitality under the guidance of experts. A love of travel was instilled in me from an early age.

I have always admired hotel employees, their impeccable appearance, professionalism, eloquence. When looking for a university, I was guided by the opportunity to master not only theory, but also professional practice in world resorts. The greatest value of WSTiE – from my perspective – the opportunity to practice in the best foreign centers. First-hand experience gained in prestigious networks is a real springboard to professional success. Thanks to the internships held at the Grand Hotel Gozo in Malta, the Riverside Park Hotel in Ireland or the practice acquired at the JS Hotels chain in Mallorca, I understood who a hotelier really is. I gained a lot of courage, acquired a lot of useful skills and realized that this is the path I want to continue on. A path that also opens up other perspectives: meeting new people and fascinating places, building real relationships, having interesting and intense leisure activities. After graduation, I quickly found a job at an Aparthotel in Cracow. Due to my love of travel, I managed to get another amazing experience at the luxury 5* hotel the Torch in Qatar. For the last two years, I developed my skills at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Krakow, Poland, to currently work at the best 5* Hotel in Zakopane – Nosalowy Park Hotel & Spa as Guest Relations Deputy Manager. Thanks to the approach taught to me by WSTiE lecturers, I don’t put a period. I still plan to broaden my horizons, educate myself, gain experience and spread my professional wings.

Beata Maśka

Beata Maśka

Graduated in Tourism and Recreation. She is currently working as an Event & Wedding Manager in Ibiza. I chose WSTiE because I knew that this intimate university opens students to the world. This was the case for me. Not only did I learn a profession here, but also foreign languages. Mentors allowed me to discover strengths, which I consistently developed. Few universities present such an individual approach to students.

The greatest value of WSTiE is not only the high level of knowledge and the offer of internships and apprenticeships, but also the amazing atmosphere. Everyone feels comfortable here, which not only promotes development, but also networking. In my case, it was this networking that proved to be the key to success. When I visited a college friend in Spain, she helped me discover my true professional calling. We are now working together on innovative projects, raising the bar higher and higher. After defending my diploma, I set out to fulfill my dreams! To begin with, I ended up in London. It’s a fantastic city, but it was only in Spain that I found my lifelong, professional passion. Edyta – a colleague from WSTiE – recommended me to her boss, thanks to which I got a job in an event company. Now I’m already doing bigger projects, also managing catering at venues. Thanks to the knowledge I gained at WSTiE, I feel comfortable, confident and know I have the potential to develop further.

Aleksandra Fabin

Aleksandra Fabin-Jadczak

Graduated in tourism and recreation. She gained experience as an office coordinator at the Freedom Institute. I chose WSTiE because, observing this university, I knew it was the best place for me to gain knowledge and get out of my comfort zone. I associated education at WSTiE with gathering new experiences, doing many things for the first time and proving myself in new roles. I was not mistaken.

Through projects, internships, apprenticeships and studying with top lecturers, I have broadened my horizons, learned about global trends in tourism and spread my wings. Despite studying at four other universities and pursuing a doctoral program, it was the experiences I gained here that shaped my life. WSTiE’s greatest value is opening doors to success for students. As a student, I did an internship at the European Parliament in Brussels, and deepened my knowledge of how the Community works, but I also discovered that I loved the sights, museums and Belgian fries. And when I went to Mallorca for an internship and learned my trade from the best, I understood what emigration was and found out firsthand that you can get sour from long walks on the beach. As a representative of the university, I led the first educational projects and represented WSTIE, visiting such countries as Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain and the United Kingdom. Then I became even more open to others and delighted with the people I met. Here I was able to prove myself as a guide when our university was visited by guests from partner universities – the American Antioch University and the English University of Central Lancashire. This allowed me to understand that organizing tourism is a creative creation of experiences for others, and at the same time a demanding job. After defending my diploma, I dared to reach for new goals – both professionally and in terms of self-development. Thanks to the university, I literally took the wind in my sails, and when a contest was announced in which one could win participation in a round-the-world cruise, I sent in my application. I won and sailed the “Gift of Youth” on the Singapore-Hong Kong-Osaka leg. I am a person who is not afraid to change my place of residence – Krakow, Wroclaw, now Warsaw, and who knows what will happen later. After all, I adapt quickly to change, and I use the experience I have gained in my equally dynamic career. I am living proof that you can do anything after this university, for example, coordinating educational projects at the Freedom Institute while completing a doctoral degree. I derive a lot of satisfaction from what I do professionally, and – most importantly – my optimism and joie de vivre never leave me.

Edyta Króliczek

Edyta Króliczek

A graduate in tourism and recreation. She is currently working as an Event Manager at Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings. I chose WSTiE because I have always loved traveling and was interested in organizing events and wanted to turn my passion into a future profession under the guidance of experts.

I knew that WSTiE would not only provide me with a portion of up-to-date industry knowledge, but most importantly would allow me to go abroad to gain experience. I wasn’t wrong – thanks to my internships, I built a network of contacts and shortly after defending my bachelor’s degree I realized my first wedding season in Ibiza as a manager. However, I regularly returned to Poland to complete my master’s degree as well. At WSTiE, of course! The greatest value of WSTiE is the individual approach to the student. Despite the fact that I was working in Spain, I was able to coordinate my duties with my master’s program. The lecturers at WSTiE know that studies are a ticket to a career, not an end in themselves, so they supported me and made sure I developed in my chosen direction. At WSTiE, everyone can also count on the support of the Academic Career Office, which helps design additional activities in such a way that each month of study brings the student closer to achieving his or her goals. The help of individual mentors is also invaluable – after all, there is no better start in professional life than the advice and guidance of practitioners of a particular industry. After I defended my diploma, I started making my dreams come true! I left for Ibiza with a clear goal: event management. I started as a leisure entertainer, then a front desk employee and a villa rental coordinator. I learned, gathered experience, made contacts. Since I have a master’s degree in the field, I found employment as a Sales & Event Manager at The Ibiza Catering, and then as a Wedding Planner at Ma Cherie Ibiza Weddings. I am currently working in my dream job – as a sales & event manager and wedding planner on my favorite island. When my boss asks where I learned to manage my time and all processes so perfectly, I answer without a second thought – at WSTiE! The university also taught me to keep growing – so I’m getting ready for further development and more challenges.

Anastazja Szerkus

Anastasia Szerkus, a graduate of our university, is a true inspiration for all dreamers and travelers. Her enduring passion for discovering new places and creating unforgettable experiences helped her choose the optimal career path. Studying at WSTiE and the knowledge gained from lecturers-practitioners, in turn, allowed her to reach for professional success in practice and start her own business: the Conqueror Travel Club and Vacation Salon companies.

Since 2008, Anastasia has been organizing trips for companies and incentive travel, always with an idea, atmosphere and flair. Her cooperation with clients is based on the search for untrodden paths and unconventional solutions. Traversing the world along and across, Anastasia discovers phenomenal places and meets fascinating people. Her motto is “Peregrinare necesse est”. – traveling is a must, which perfectly reflects her desire to encourage others to conquer the world with her. In her day-to-day work, Anastasia incorporates a principle that she herself upholds: “Nothing is impossible.” Every trip she prepares is like a visit to a renowned London tailor – she uses the highest quality materials, perfectly adjusts every detail and ensures that her clients have an unforgettable experience. Her sense of style, creativity and panache turn the trips into true works of art. After hours, Anastasia indulges in her passions. She is a lover of Japanese tea, which evokes harmony and peace in her. She loves sports driving, which provides her with adrenaline and a sense of freedom. In addition, as a talented portrait photographer, she is able to capture the beauty and uniqueness of each moment.

Tomasz Piątek

Tomasz Piątek is living proof that practical education is the key to achieving a spectacular career. As a graduate of Suski’s WSTiE and Krakow’s AWF, Tomasz has gained knowledge and skills that he now puts to use as Senior Project Manager and MICE Director at the prestigious Incentive Agency – Conqueror Travel Club.

Thanks to his attention to detail and extensive experience in the MICE industry, he is able to manage even the most complex projects, carried out all over the world. His talent for planning and organizing events is unparalleled, and the professionalism he displays earns him recognition from both clients and business partners. However, work is not just a duty – it is first and foremost his passion, which he is constantly developing. Already during his studies, he recognized that he wanted to pursue a profession that allows him not only to interact with people from different corners of the world, but also to learn about their cultures, traditions and customs. It is these experiences that drive and inspire him. Each project is a unique journey for him, during which he combines his skills with incredible creativity to create unforgettable experiences for clients. Studying at WSTiE and developing under the guidance of practitioners has also helped him understand that effectiveness at work comes from having the right balance in life. With this awareness, he often spends time with his beloved family, sharing energy and inspiration with them. Morning bike rides at dawn are a way for him to recharge his batteries and gain clarity of thought, which translates into even better quality in his work.

Daniel Janka

Daniel Janka, a graduate of our university, is a talented engineer specializing in the area of automation. His extensive technical knowledge and programming skills, combined with his passion for process improvement, make him an extremely valuable resource for any organization.

He graduated with a degree in software engineering with programming from our university, as well as from Dublin Business School and CPCC in Charlotte, USA. During his career, Daniel has supplemented his knowledge with hands-on experience in various technical areas. His skills include managing data storage systems such as Nutanix, Netapp, Dell Compelent, Dell MD Storage, NAS and SAN. His knowledge of networks and protocols, such as ACI, NX-OS, MDSs, IOS, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, VPNs, HSRP, ACLs, TCP/UDP and LBs, allows him to effectively design and configure network infrastructure. Daniel is adept at operating various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Vmware and Nutanix. He also has deep security knowledge, including tools such as Tetration, StealthWatch and ISE. His programming skills include C++, Python, JAVA and bash scripting, PowerShell and frameworks such as RestAPI, XML, JSON and YAML. He is also an excellent automation specialist, using tools such as Ansible, UCS Director and Terraform. Additionally, he has experience in the AWS cloud and DevOps environments with Docker and Kubernetes. At WSTiE, he learned that work can be a passion, which has resulted in numerous successes. His skills have been recognized many times, including by the chapter of the Cisco Dragons award for the best engineer in one of four categories.