Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 6 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Tourism and recreation – fascinating studies and a secure job!

Do you want to open your own tourism business, create events, organize events, work in the best offices, hotels, restaurants in the country or abroad, manage a tourist destination? If so, the direction of tourism and recreation is ideal for you.

Travel, tourism, new technologies – these are not only the beautiful hobbies, but also a promising career path. With the right studies, you can acquire knowledge and skills that will help you to combine your interests with work.

Why choose tourism majors?

  • Tourism is a constantly growing industry and new professionals are constantly in demand.
  • With the COVID-19 pandemic, new skills and specialist knowledge are needed, so the tourism industry needs qualified experts.
  • Tourism and recreation have become one of the most desirable leisure activities, so the ability to handle tourist traffic is valued by employers.
  • In Poland alone there are more than 400 hotels in the 4* and 5* categories, in which more than 100 managers- graduates of tourism and recreation studies at WSTiE work.

Program and specialties

Tourism studies at WSTiE and their course

At WSTiE we put emphasis on flexibility, because we know that studies are supposed to be a tool for students to find a job with good financial basis and giving satisfaction from doing this. Therefore, while studying Tourism and Recreation you have access to a flexible curriculum that allows you to combine your studies, work and passion. To ensure that your knowledge will allow you to smoothly enter employment, classes are taught by lecturers who are business practitioners, providing valuable knowledge – not only theoretical. You will get to know modern industry software, and learn how to operate reservation systems.

During your studies in tourism and recreation at WSTiE, under the guidance of experts-practitioners you will learn how to create strategies and carry out your own projects in the field of tourism and recreation. You will receive a package of very comprehensive skills, including modern tools for sales and operational areas: marketing 4.0., revenue management, proactive selling, knowledge of customer service mechanisms, as well as the principles of creating product offers for tourism – both leisure and business.

When studying Tourism and Recreation at WSTiE, you can choose for yourself the study module that interests you:

Fully practical activities await you in the schedule, providing the knowledge the tourism industry is looking for:

  • Teamwork in tourism,
  • Managing a team of employees,
  • Creating an offer and calculating projects,
  • Customer relationship management with the use of the CRM system,
  • Organization of events,
  • Revenue management,
  • Ecommerce and distribution tools in the tourism industry,
  • Tourism product creation,
  • Hotel systems and management models,
  • Social media marketing in tourism,
  • Business negotiations for tourism and recreation sector,
  • Active selling of products and services in tourism,
  • Workshops on managerial soft skills.

In order to increase your chances of employment, during your studies in tourism, you can take additional courses and certificates and continue to learn several foreign languages (English, German, Italian or Spanish).

This field of study also offers the possibility of internships and placements in the best tourist resorts and hotels in the country and abroad (including the USA, England, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Spain – Canary Islands – Gran Canaria and Las Palmas, Majorca, Malta, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden).

Students test their skills in travel agencies, spas, event agencies, tourist organizations and local government units.

Additional benefits for tourism and leisure students

We know that tourism and recreation is a dream for many people, but they often face various barriers. To help students make their dreams come true, we have prepared a package of additional benefits. We offer flexible forms of financing studies, scholarships, grants and also support in opening your own business (WSTiE partners operating in the Business Academy will help you with this). Thanks to an individual approach and flexible organisation of studies, you have the possibility to complete a part of the programme at recognised foreign universities (e.g. Palermo University in Italy, Complutense University in Spain, Goeteborg University in Sweden or Pecs University in Hungary). Students take part in extra-curricular activities, clubs and – which is also important – enjoy a rich student life.

What about after studying tourism and recreation?

It all depends on you, as the tourism industry offers many opportunities.

You can work:

  • In hospitality, pursuing an operational or sales career path,
  • As a product manager in the tourism industry, responsible for promotion of the tourist offer on the Internet and traditional communication channels
  • As an event manager
  • As a social media manager – knowledge of content creation and social media functioning will provide a good start to work as a social media specialist specializing in tourism
  • As a manager of spa & wellness facilities
  • As an inluencer marketing manager coordinating tourism campaigns – the ability to create catchy messages and knowledge of the mechanisms of influencer marketing will enable you to start your career as a person managing campaigns with bloggers/vloggers etc.
  • In the media (press, television, radio, internet portals) dealing with tourism issues
  • You can become an expert in a travel agency.

Many of our graduates successfully run their own businesses, hotels, work in industry organizations and promote tourism. When you receive your diploma, you are equipped with numerous competences, allowing you to spread your wings. Only your creativity and courage will determine how high you will soar.

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