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Start of recruitment 1 may 2023
Duration 6 semesters
Mode of education Full-time, part-time, part-time online/hybrid

Digital marketing and sales management – bachelor degree

Digital marketing is increasingly taking the place of traditional marketing. Changes in living and communication patterns have become a fact of life and the ongoing digital revolution has become an everyday reality. The Internet space has become a natural environment for the development of modern advertising and analytical solutions, giving modern companies almost infinite possibilities to reach new audiences.

If you are feeling the new digital world. You are passionate about negotiation and creativity is your middle name. You have come to the right place – WSTiE experts will guide you through the new digital world of business.

Digital marketing and sales management - why is it worth it?

Studying digital marketing and sales management specialisation provides students with access to interdisciplinary knowledge allowing them to develop skills and competences corresponding to the needs of the contemporary digital economy. In the course of training, WSTiE experts-practitioners introduce participants to current trends and, by discussing real business situations/case studies/business case studies, introduce students to the secrets/issues shaping the success of a modern company.


Digital marketing and sales management - study programme

Under the guidance of our specialists, you will start to build a strong foundation of knowledge necessary for working in the digital world right from the beginning of your studies. The programme includes, among others:

  • an introduction to digital marketing,
  • the importance of social media in digital marketing,
  • sales strategies and techniques,
  • sales management and sales teams,
  • marketing automation,
  • use and performance analytics of the most popular digital advertising platforms, including Google and META,
  • e-commerce.

That’s not all. The innovative Management degree programme developed by WSTiE will also prepare you for:

  • launching your own start-up,
  • creating effective business plans
  • creating your own brand.

Thanks to close cooperation between the Faculty of Social Sciences and the WSTiE Business Academy, you will have a chance to consult your ideas and develop them further under the guidance of business practitioners.

Digital marketing and sales management - what will you learn?

Studying Digital marketing and sales management allows you to learn:

  • The mechanics and use of digital marketing tools,
  • Analyse and use web traffic data,
  • Use modern forms of sales including E-commerce,
  • Interact with customers based on proven solutions,
  • Create digital marketing and sales strategies,
  • Lead sales teams.

Studying Digital Marketing and Sales Management offers a wide range of essential skills, guaranteeing an interesting job and broad prospects for personal and professional development. Even if your career takes you in a completely different direction, the skills you gain will make you an entrepreneurial person, able to navigate the digital world.

Digital marketing and sales management studies - additional benefits for WSTiE students

Digital marketing and sales management: the degree programme is a WSTiE proprietary programme, created 100% based on current market needs. The emphasis is on sought-after competences such as:

  • evaluation and interpretation of phenomena related to the functioning of products/services in the digital environment,
  • negotiation,
  • digital competences,
  • problem solving,
  • critical thinking,
  • building the competitiveness of an enterprise in the digital environment.

The business management studies conducted at WSTiE focus on workshop classes and real-life cases. The knowledge you gain in class will be verified on an ongoing basis by practitioners, preparing you to test your skills during compulsory work placements that are a prelude to a professional career.

Digital marketing and sales management - career prospects

Specialists in digital marketing and sales management are increasingly becoming part of the key staff in many companies. After completing the stages, you can develop your career as, among others:

  • specialist in product development,
  • digital marketing manager,
  • marketing manager,
  • online advertising specialist,
  • freelancer,
  • sales and customer service specialist.

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