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WSTiE Business Academy is the original initiative of the The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka

The WSTiE Business Academy is an original project of the University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka, which aims at combining the potential of the University and real market entities, in the realization of joint business projects. Such cooperation is characterized by benefits for both sides and is modeled on solutions used by the best universities around the world.

The Business Academy, directs its resources to provide a range of services to the business world, the education sector and public administration. It is a unique program of cooperation between universities and business, in which dedicated teams, consisting of experienced lecturers, practitioners and managers and the best students participate in real business ventures.

In all areas of its activities, drawing from the mission of WSTiE, the Academy is always guided by business ethics and care for the highest standard of services provided.

Key goals of the Business Academy include:

  1. Knowledge transfer between science sector and business
  2. Providing services of the highest quality
  3. Providing customers with up-to-date, factual knowledge, supported by many years of practical experience of scientists and market experts
  4. Tailoring services to the needs of the customer
  5. Fully support the customer in achieving their goals
  6. Improvement, responding to the most demanding market needs

In a student-centered projection, the WSTiE Business Academy guarantees:

  1. Education and practical advice on how to effectively create, organize and run a business unit.
  2. Support in designing your own business, in creating business plans and long-term strategies for development of your own business.
  3. Comprehensive support for students and graduates of WSTiE in developing an idea and business model that will face future challenges, using the latest technologies.
  4. Support in negotiations and signing contracts with contractors and partners.

In a Business-focused projection, the Business Academy offers:

  1. Providing comprehensive consulting services for the commercial, educational and public administration sectors.
  2. Support in the area of corporate risk management – the basis of a competitive advantage in the market.
  3. Provide organizations with solutions tailored to the challenges of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and digital transformation.
  4. Support in implementing marketable products and services.
  5. Support in building the operational capability of institutions in the commercial and public sectors.
  6. Execution of scientific research, market analyses and expert opinions.
  7. Developing new solutions for business needs.
  8. Developing education programs in accordance with the needs of business – Fideltronic computer science
  9. Developing and implementing programs of postgraduate qualification and improvement studies according to the needs of business
  10. Realization of trainings adapted to the needs of business and educational sector.
  11. Developing and implementing projects with external funding.

University College of Tourism and Ecology, along with the innovative Business Academy:

  1. Has been successfully providing education for 25 years, both stationary and distance learning
  2. Guarantees the highest quality, confirmed by certificates of the State Accreditation Commission, the MSUES 2.0 quality mark and numerous awards
  3. Offers a wide portfolio of specialized training courses and postgraduate studies
  4. Is distinguished by innovative, effective and practical educational programs
  5. Has a group of highly qualified lecturers, trainers and practitioners
  6. Support in obtaining sources of financing for training

It is flexible in its training delivery, which it successfully adapts to the needs of the changing job market:

  • training conducted remotely – online with 100% participation of trainer in real time
  • open in different cities in Poland
  • closed on customer request, responding to customer needs

It has completed dozens of projects and expertise for public and commercial institutions.

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