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Innovative combination of study and work

The key element of the program is the development of cooperation with business, aimed at guaranteeing WSTiE students the possibility of professional work during or after studies. This innovative study model is addressed to people who are interested in education at the highest level and at the same time want to gain necessary practical work experience.

Innovative solutions for the implementation of the program provide the opportunity to combine study with work from the first year of study. Gaining practical education is guaranteed in two ways:

  • work under a contract of employment, contract of mandate, contract of specific work in partner institutions, companies and organizations,
  • several-month trips for practices and internships based on international agreements that the university has concluded with foreign industry partners.

Acquiring knowledge in several stages and confronting it with practice gives students an idea of what their capabilities and predispositions are. A professional CV constructed in this manner already during the course of studies makes it significantly easier to successfully enter the job market after graduation.

Individual student career paths are built, depending on the chosen major and specialization, in various fields within the major. Jobs offered to students include:

In the travel industry:

  • catering manager
  • assistant hotel manager
  • assistant restaurant manager
  • receptionist
  • HR administrator
  • leisure time manager
  • call centre worker

In the IT industry:

  • Windows/Linux system administrator
  • Java/PHP/C/C++ programmer
  • web designer
  • software tester
  • graphic designer
  • network administrator

In the social sciences:

  • social media specialist
  • specialist for internet advertising campaigns
  • advertising and corporate image manager
  • advertising specialist
  • HR officer

Practical training through internships and placements abroad, in addition to acquiring professional skills, increases students’ language competence. The diploma of the best tourist university in Poland guarantees the graduates a certain, stable professional position.

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